Fursuit Spray

KazuCreations Fursuit spray will not only give your suit a nice smell but also help desinfecting it and keeping it nice for longer.

Currently our sprays are one of the little gifts we occasionally give with fursuit orders, but we will also sell them at Cons occasionally. Just ask where you can get them if interested 😀

Currently we have three scents available: Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Vanilla.

fursuit sprays


How to properly use our Fursuit spray:

The spray is supposed to be used on fursuits but can be used on other fabrics or surfaces like every other desinfection spray.

Shake the bottle before use to mix up the ingredients again and then spray it on the chosen areas you wish to use it on (we recommend a distance of around 20+ centimeter). Then simply wait unti the alcohol evaporates and smell it , your suit should smell nice and fresh again.

You can use it inside or outside of your fursuit, just keep it away from any painted areas like eyes or airbrushed markings, as the alcohol can make the colors bleed.

Keep in mind this spray isn’t a replacement for a  full wash fof your fursuit.


Keep away from fire. Do not swallow the liquid and keep it our of your eyes.


Distilled water

Isopropyl alcohol (99%)

fragrance oil