Care Guide

Taking good Care of your Fursuit is really important to keep it looking like brand new and expending its lifespan.
The following Guide covers ideas to keep your costume alive and well for a long time, keep in mind this guide covers my personal preferences (+suggestions if you own a suit made by KazuCreations) and may not be fitting for everyone, or any costume. (if you are unsure, feel free to ask your maker, or try on test scraps first)

Under amour
Wearing a Fursuit is a real workout and will bring you to sweat pretty fast. If you’re a person that doesn’t sweat as much or someone who does, wearing sweat absorbing under amour will keep the sweat away from the furs baking and so keep the suit cleaner.
Even if it may sound logical first to just wear shorts and a shirt to keep yourself cooler, your suit will thank you if you keep your musky body fluids away from it. And by wearing a balaclava you also keep your head (which mostly is the hardest part to clean) cleaner for longer.
That also makes it easier to keep the suit smelling nicer for longer wears, as you can easily change under amours at cons while having an extra suit body is something not many can afford.

Personal tip:
bringing at least two sets of under armors to a con (one is enough for a short meet), and bringing some detergent (shower gel also works) to clean one set in a sink and use the other one while it’s drying.


The ideal place to store your Fursuit should have room temperature and have enough air flow. Dampness could result in mold and make your suit smell bad, or worse.
Hanging the Suit up and Placing the Head on a Shelf (or hanging them up) is perfect for a long time storing. You can also store it in a box if you make sure that the suit is completely dry and clean, and that the suit isn’t too stuffed since that can make the fur wrinkled and matted, this is best used just for short time storing.

Personal tip:
place a silica pack or some dryer sheets with your suit to absorb any dampness that may be left in the fur (this is not a replacement for drying it, but a little precaution)


The best way to transport your Fursuit is in a hard case, which can be bought with wheels and therefore are perfect for traveling. The case will also protect your suit from being squished.
Before trying to squish your suit in a small case better buy a bigger one.
After arriving at your destination, take the suit out of the case and give it a good brush.

Personal tip:
if your traveling to a con and have only limited space for your luggage, you can always put your clothes and other soft things with the suit into the suitcase, as long as you don’t squish it too much because of them. (Feetpaws and heads are perfect hollow spaces where you can fit your socks or other things). Another awesome Space saver are vacuum bags, most Convention Spaces/ Hotels will give you a Vacuum if asked for and for Bodysuits and especially Paddings, a few hours vacuumed won’t hurt, just make sure to let it air out and don’t leave it in there for too long.