If you own something from KazuCreations that’s made out of Minky and Stuffing (like a plushie or Kigurumi) this guide is probably for you.

Like the other ones, this Guide is just a Guideline, that means it may not be perfect for your needs, feel free to ask if any concerns appear. Take it more as a kind of helping hand on how to take care of it than an introduction.


Whatever you own, you will make sure that it stays looking brand new for as long as possible. So you probably want to keep it away from anything that can make stains, like grass, or chocolate. Also don’t tug on any of the sewn add-ons (like ears, tails etc.) as even the best stitch will break if exposed to a lot of tension.

But most importantly, have fun. Even if it gets stained or something breaks, there are always ways to fix it. Just don’t push it to the limit intentionally.


You got a stain or just wanna clean your product after use/wear?

Most products made by KazuCreations are wash machine safe. Keep your settings on cold and use a detergent (preferable without fabric softener). If your machine has a gentle setting, it’s best to use this. (This is best to be used on Kigurumis or Products that need a more thoroughly wash). If possible, turn the inside out.

But some Products ( for example plushies) consists mainly of stuffing that takes really long to dry. Or they just need a ”soft cleaning” to get the outside to look good again.

The best way to go about it is to put some detergent (preferable without fabric softener) in a bowl. Then take a clean towel (or washcloth) dip it into the solution and wring it out (it should still be wet but not dripping wet). Use the wet towel and rub the areas that are supposed to be cleaned until they are wet and clean (you can redo this progress as long as you wish and until you are happy with the result). Then use another towel and make it wet (wring it) and scrub over the Product again, to get all the soap out of the fabric.


No matter if you washed it per hand or in the machine, now you wanna make sure it gets dry again. Do NOT put anything we made into the dryer, as the heat will destroy most fibers. Wring the product gently (don’t apply to much force, you won’t rip it apart) and brush the fibers gently with a soft brush. Then lay it on a drying rack or hang it up to dry (give it a good brush every once in a while to make sure the fibers dry in the right direction).

Make sure it completely dries and isn’t wet inside, stuffed areas may take longer to dry.

That’s it 😀 if you followed all steps your Product should look nice again.