Wanna know what features we offer and how our Suits are build. 

Then get some information about specific parts below 😀


Jay Chizuru
  • All Heads made by KazuCreations are Fully lined and have removable Padding for easy cleaning.
  • It features a moveable jaw, with custom printed hinges.
  • The Head offers enough space to install a ventilator.
  • Every Base is custom made, there are no duplicates
  • The Head straps are adjustable to guarantee a good fit.
  • Hidden Zipper
  • 3D printed “follow me” eyes
  • Glasses friendly 


SoXX Photoshoot
  • removable Padding for easy cleaning
  • lined neck
  • hanger
  • hidden zipper
  • double sewed seams
  • fitted to the customer

Hand Paws

  • 4 or 5 fingered toony/stuffed paws
  • fleece claws
  • minky paw pads
  • fully lined
  • we try to make them as easy to use as possible, even with stuffed fingers

Feet Paws

  • built on your own shoes
  • fully lined
  • marks for left and right feet
  • fleece claws
  • sturdy rubber sole (for outdoor use) or Furred Bottom with paw pads (for indoor use)


  • elastics to fit on different sized belts
  • filled with polyfill