I’m Jay the “creator“ of KazuCreations. If you message KazuCreations on any social media, you can be sure that it was me you’re talking to.


Ever since I was small I loved creating and drawing since I’m an animal lover, I was always drawn to create something animal related, so when I came over the term Furry (which means a fan of anthropomorphic creatures) it was clear for me that I am one myself.

I created Artwork accounts on different social media as soon as I had my first laptop and started posting my Drawings online, being happy for any like and comment. And I started to fell in love with the Fursuiter community and how they bring joy to people that may haven’t ever heard of Furries at all. And I knew I wanted to be one of them someday.

Around 6 years ago I started stepping up from just drawing to creating costumes and then I just never stopped 😀

And I never regretted making myself a fursuit, the reactions of all the kids and people just proved what I thought it was like. I want to fix those memories in videos, photos and give other people the possibility to experience this themselves.

If I had to describe myself I would say I’m just a stubborn guy, that doesn’t know where to stop and that loves creating stuff, be it costumes, Artworks or editing videos.

But today I know that KazuCreations wouldn’t be able to exist without the help of my friends. So it’s kind of a team of friends and I wanna introduce them quickly because they totally earn it 😀 (thanks guys)


My best friend and the one helping me wherever he can, be it sewing, giving constructive criticism, taking pictures or helping me with anything technic related.


My Partner and biggest source of motivation one can ever wish. He is always there to boost my confidence if something isn’t working out or if I need a second pair of eyes. He also is the one mainly helping me with designs and this website.


My mother and definitely someone who I couldn’t have even started any of all this without. She gave me my first sewing machine and is kind of my biggest fan.

Every time we go out with our personal costumes she is the one taking care that we stay hydrated and also if I forget to take breaks while working on a costume she is there to remind me of them.