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You want a Fursuit from KazuCreations? Fill out the form below to get a price. Additional Questions will may be asked to assure to give you the most accurate quote.

This Form will also be used to assure we know everything we need to know to build your Costume, so make sure to take your time and fill out everything in the most accurate way possible. (remember we don't know your character, even if it's logical to you, better describe it again so we are on the same page)

We don't make Plantigrade Suits, Copyrighted Characters and so called ''Murrsuits'', don't fill out this form if you want any of the ones stated before.

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Part Suits are to be worn with normal clothing, while Fullsuits feature a full Body that can be worn on itself. Halfsuits are a mix of the two featuring digitigrade legs but no upper body.
Choose which parts you want your Suit to have.